Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Houses on Avenue Sainte-Croix

I had a few minutes before a meeting today, so I sketched in the car. The sketchbook I'm drawing on is a Galison with bright and smooth acid-free paper which takes well some water to make a light wash. However it's very bright when scanned (see 01.01.09 post!) so I have been trying to adjust for a better screen display using the Gimp software.

I had forgotten how pleasurable it is to sketch in the car. The past two years I got to sketch almost every Tuesday afternoon. Every twenty minutes I had to turn on the car for a couple of minutes to warm up a little (my ecological conscience would not allow me to keep the engine running for more than that) and make sure the car battery would not fail because the radio was on all the time.

I'll try my best to finish the sketch later this week.

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