Sunday, July 8, 2012


Ecomuseum1 by interior_perspective
Ecomuseum1, a photo by interior_perspective on Flickr.
A visit to the Ecomuseum today. We got there late and only had an hour to visit, so this time we did the tour backwards: first the birds of pray, then back to the entrance and up the other trail to see the bears. My absolute favourite is the wooden promenade where you find the birds of prey enclosures. All this magnificent birds have sustained some kind of injury but are now well taken care of in this, their new home and are the delight of visitors of all ages.


Mary Walker Designs said...

I wasn't sure which you posted your pictures on more here at the blog or Flickr so I followed both.

nanke's stuff said...

I love the looseness of these sketches! Nicely done.

Louise said...

lovely sketches!

cynthia padilla said...

Delightful these are! Join us:
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