Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rue de l'Eglise

Rue de l'Eglise by interior_perspective
Rue de l'Eglise, a photo by interior_perspective on Flickr.
Is it easier to draw familiar buildings or something completely new to the eye? Do we always have the whole scope of what we want to draw? I think some buildings catch our eye immediately, while others awake our senses in a more subtile manner. For example, I've seen the adjacent hall to this church many times but it was always second to the church's main fa├žade. That is, until I took a different route and approached the building from another point of view. Then I saw its geometry, the wooden beams of the roof, the deep shadow marking the front door, the little garden (not sketched), the details that delineate what I think it is its own personality. I thought of it like a neighbour you cross paths with on your way to work: you exchange nothing but a polite "good morning" for a year or more, until one day you find each other at a common friend's dinner party, then you start a real conversation and the discovery begins.


shirley said...

Wonderful drawing - great perspective.

Lynn said...

I like this a lot. It has the perfect amount of detail.

Mary Walker said...

I find it easier to draw buildings that I like. I tried to draw an uninteresting one and it was horrible. Yours is well done.

Alex said...

Awesome sketch! Beautiful shades and perspective!